News and Updates

But not likely of an interesting variety.

1 – My bra is really hurting me!!!  I think I’m going to have to buy a bra extender as my rib cage has expanded and I’m on the last hooks of my 36inch bra.  My cup size hasn’t changed at all though 🙂

2 – I haven’t slept well again.  I’ve been awake since 5ish feeling hungry again!!  I eventually got up just before 7am and ate a bowl of weetabix, and then a bowl of special K.  And I could eat more, but I’m not letting myself.

3 – This weekend we’re going to build some furniture!!  I may have a go at starting tonight as I have a free evening and it’d be good to get something done.  I can’t wait to get the wardrobe up and little outfits hanging in it!

4 – Last night I went to visit Carly with baby Reuben and Anna came too.  We chatted till about 9.30 when I had to go to bed.  Reuben had had some jabs that day and was a bit fractious.  We helped bath him, and Anna took his nappy off and I screamed with laughter as he peed all over her.  A proper arc of it just went all over her arm.  I really should try and check my reactions.  Carly ran in thinking we’d dropped him or something!!

5 – I was listening to Stevie Wonder – You are the sunshine of my life on the radio driving to work this morning thinking that would be a nice song to sing to baby once he’s born.  I’m still feeling a bit silly singing to my bump.

6 – With my leaving do and official forms received at work the end is nigh and it’s daunting.  It’s all actually happening.  It’s amazing how in denial about the upcoming life change you can be whilst being kicked incessantly from within!!  Whilst inside it’s not too different.  I can’t imagine yet what I’ll do when they hand me a squawling newborn saying ‘here you go’!!

7 – I bought two baby books from Amazon having stressed I have pregnancy information and someone at work gave me a toddler book, but that left quite a gap!

Hopefully I’ll get them today or tomorrow.  Nothing like a bit of preparatory work!!


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