Need Sleep….. And Food……

I’m so sleepy again today.  Haven’t slept well at all, and had an aching bump with rib pains through the night.  I can only assume it’s baby pressing up against things.

I’m also extremely ravenous all the time at the moment.  I’m trying to eat healthy cereals to fill up, but have to admit I’m having some ‘cravings’ for McCoy crisps as well.  Which at work is followed by a chocolate bar.  Today’s was a Terry’s Chocolate Orange bar.   Mmmmm.  The only trouble is, I’m eating it, and on the last bit and still hungry and therefore want a second one directly afterwards.  Two chocolate bars is a bit much though isn’t it.

I’ve had a pot of tomato and basil pasta for lunch and I’m starving again.  What can I eat now?


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