Nursery Shopping

Last night Hubby and I trundled down to our local Ikea to look at furniture.  I’d found a few items I wanted to look at, cheap and cheerful – you know!

So we got there for about 6.30 and had dinner in the canteen (yep, meatballs) and went straight into the warehouse as Hubby can’t bear to walk around and look at the store so we didn’t really get to compare products but I’m happy with what we’ve got.
This is a baby changer with an extra shelf you add onto a bookcase so it’s something we can update when baby doesn’t need changing anymore!  I’ll get a few baskets to put under it which I can put nappies and wipes etc… in but it should be a handy station and not take up too much space.
This is the matching wardrobe.  I had been in two minds about this, as having a boy he’d have less items to ‘hang’ up than a girl but there’s shelves inside and it matched the changer unit and I’m sure we’ll be able to use it in the future as it fits adult hangers as well.
And this below is the ‘daybed’ as we got rid of the old wooden single spare bed, (it was quite cumbersome and old) and I thought this would be neater, smaller and make a nice sitting area in the room as well.  I preferred others in the store but they weren’t white to match (blue or brown/black) so this one it was!  I have a mattress already and will be able to cover it in pillows and cushions and it won’t likely be used a lot as a bed so I’m quite pleased with it.
So as Hubby by this point was getting antsy and grumpy we headed off having only spent about £230.00 (which he was actually quite pleased about having anticipated £450 – I didn’t get a few other things I’d had on my list) but I shall go back with Mum for a proper mooch when I can get cushions and fripperies and things that he doesn’t approve of!
And here’s some pictures of how our nursery looks at the moment:
You can see my stashing away of ‘stuff’ on the white shelves we have already in there, and the pale turquoise colour we’ve painted three of the walls.  We’ll probably keep one of the sets of shelves to the left of the chimney breast, but the one on the right (with the baby gym on top of it) I’m hoping to be able to fit the wardrobe in that space (haven’t measured it or anything practical, but we’ll see!!)  And in the third picture, there’s our new flat pack furniture – ready for assembly!!!  That’ll be a task and a half!!

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