First Stretch Marks

I guess it had to happen.  I guess it’s bound to happen.

But I’d hoped it wouldn’t.

I have my first stretch marks.  I’m positive they weren’t there yesterday.  But today they are.  A little row of red stripes, right under my tummy where I have a bit of a ledge thing going on.  Mocking me.

They’re about 2 inches each, and I guess about 10 in total?  I was too upset to study them properly, plus there’s the fact I can’t really see anyway!!

I know I’m a bit behind in photos so maybe I’ll post a pic for posterity.  This is the day that baby sent my skin to the point of no return.

Steve assures me that it’s all fine and unnoticeable and he and Izzy love me.  Humpf.  I’m sure I’ll feel lots better knowing the puppy loves me despite stretch marks!

I wonder whether it’s because I had a day in bed coughing, could that have brought them on, but my Mum says not.  She had them in the same place too.

Will I ever wear a bikini again?  I wasn’t exactly a slim girl before, and I certainly had no model like proportions, but I knew my figure and I was used to it, and now I’m not.  It’s all strange and rotund to me now.  I know it sounds silly but I look down sometimes and still feel surprise to see a great bump there!!  I’m nearly 27 weeks, and baby kicks a lot every day and I ‘know’ I’m pregnant, and I ‘feel’ pregnant but that doesn’t seem to be relating all the time in my brain!!

My body will look as though it’s seen life afterwards won’t it.    Goodness me, afterwards.   It’s really creeping up now.  You have these 9 months on concentrating solely on getting through being pregnant, and the realisation that there’s an afterwards is something of an afterthought!!  Maybe I ought to buy a guide book on what to do with a newborn baby, I used to be a Girl Guide leader – I should ‘Be Prepared’!!

Here’s a growth compare:

22 + 6 here on the left and……………………………..          26+5 on the right.  I see growth!!

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