Early Rising

Well, it’s not even 6.30am and I’m awake.

Having driven back from Exeter yesterday on a journey which should have taken three hours and took over six, with a wracking cough and aching back you’d have thought I’d be flat out for the count.  But no.  My bladder gets me up around 5.00am and then baby dances on it so I can’t get back to sleep.  At least with a bank holiday today I can nap during the day if I need to.

I do feel as though I’m getting better from this illness though, I just wish that I didn’t have this sore throat from coughing, ribs that ache from coughing and a few remaining sniffles!!

On getting home last night though we had a lovely surprise, Mum and Dad had been magic elves and finished painting the nursery and taken the old wardrobe away for me!!  It looks marvellous, I really love the turquoise colour, and today I shall call Dunelm Mill to see whether the bits I ordered have arrived, as I think hanging the curtains and the pictures would be a final touch!!

Just awaiting the furniture now, but it’s all coming together!!

And tomorrow, I have only two months more of work, and less than 100 days until the due date.

Time for another hot drink now I think…..


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