Should Auld Aquaintance Be Forgot…..

Well, what a Christmas and New Year it’s been.

My first as a married lady and it wasn’t exactly the romantic episode I’d anticipated, due to flubugs and lurgies!!  I spent New Years Eve playing games with my in-laws and their friends whilst my husband lay moaning and groaning in bed with a running temperature and body aches!!

We didn’t exactly get to kiss at midnight, more a bit of a sweaty hug (poor Hubby) and air kiss but I shall see if I can remedy that with a New Year Night out later on for the two of us!!

But it’s soooo exciting to think that we’re now in the year when we’ll meet our baby, and there are less than 100 days until our due date.

Baby enjoyed the New Year’s celebrations, wriggling around doing starjumps and Hubby even felt one of the squirmy motions in my tummy once I’d gone straight to bed at midnight which he thought was as strange as me!!!

So roll on 2011, and let the countdown continue!!!


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