Uh Oh……

I was due for my flu jab alongside my 25 week midwife appointment yesterday before travelling down to Devon to stay with hubby’s family for New Year, but on Tuesday i started feeling a bit poorly.

It’s amazing how quickly it came on really, I was fine in the morning and within two hours I was hot and sniffly.

After a bad night’s sleep I felt worse Wednesday morning so the nurse wouldn’t give me the jab, saying if my body is already fighting a bug, adding a second bug can cause complications, which I guess has logic behind it, but then I felt bad for not getting it earlier.

Anyhow, the midwife part went fine, I got my MAT1B form to give to work for maternity leave, and my HIP grant form (I make it by 4 days) for £190 – technically for fruit and vegetables apparently, but I imagine it may go towards nappies/nursery/antenatal classes.  It was nice hearing the heart beat again, it’s good and strong and he was dancing around in there!!

Then we trundled off down south.  I felt awful, tried to sleep but Hubby apparently needs stimulating and argumentative conversation whilst driving which hindered my rest somewhat, and he needed to be shown when cars were pulling out in front of him as he’d have just driven into them.  (His motorway driving leaves a lot to be desired, pretty much he sits in the middle lane going at 65mph and wondering why other drivers undertake him but enjoying ranting about them).

Getting to Exeter was a relief as Hubby wouldn’t stop for me a second time and my back was killing me, my temperature was up and I felt nauseous, two hours sitting is too long for me, and I was in tears with feeling chronic, so on getting to Pinhoe he pulled over for two minutes so I could stretch and get some fresh air.  I know he just wanted to get to his parents but I couldn’t bear sitting there any longer, so uncomfortable.

I’m beginning to realise that men have no idea what pregnancy puts a woman’s body through and they aren’t necessarily prepared to try and understand it’s not all easy!

But Wendy was welcoming with a duvet to lie on the sofa with and hot honey and lemon and after a couple of paracetamol I felt a bit better and had a nap whilst they took Izzy out which refreshed me.  We had dinner and played a game afterwards but I was done in and retired to bed and fell fast asleep until Hubby woke me up to tell me he was going to N and L’s flat.  He really didn’t need to wake me to tell me, I doubt I’d have missed him.

Anyway, this morning I’m feeling more human BUT….. I seem to have got the lurgy on my chest now.  I’ve had a weak chest for a few years, and coughing is painful, I can feel it dragging in my lungs so I’m upping my steroid inhaler dose morning and night and drinking hot drinks but I really hope it’s not exacerbated as I can’t be doing with another chest infection, they’re so debilitating.  I shall see how I go today and decide whether it’s worth going to an emergency doctor whilst down here.  I’ve learned from experience not to ignore it, I was signed off for two weeks from work last time!!

Baby is fine though and kicking and dancing again this morning.  Hopefully, he’ll be fine and get a good immune system himself from these bugs.


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