Islands In The Stream

Today has been most productive and relaxing.  A bit of a juxtaposition possibly, but accurate!!

Having got up about 10.00am after a night of painful indigestion we walked Izzy over to the retail park to get paint for the nursery.  Yep, today is the day of tackling the spare room!!

We set off with a mild day, and then soon got rain, sleet, snow and hail, which made me wish we’d driven, (even though it was a short distance adn the walk made me feel better) but Izzy really appreciated it.

On getting home we had toasted bagels for lunch and began the clearing and rehoming of items.  Most of the bits in that room are now baby orientated anyhow as I’ve got rid of most rubbish and things ok for charity bags so it didn’t take too long.

The desk has now joined Hubby’s ever growing office space with yet another computer.  We had a mild disagreement about the fact he wanted a computer in the lounge and I resented the intrusion of ‘work life’ into our ‘home life’, not that Steve has much distinction in this area anyhow as yet.

The shelves which he was using by the front door for his DV tapes etc…. have been cleared and will be painted white to go in the nursery and have toys and books on.  One set may end up in our bedroom with books on.  I have a lot of books and he has a lot of DVD’s.

I then had a nap for about an hour.  I think I was just catching up with the lack of sleep from last night’s tummy pains.

Then I began the painting.  I’ve not got very far as I got a really bad headache, possibly a combination of the lights, smells, heat (our house is too warm with the heating on sometimes) so I sort of had done around the bottom of two walls but we need to get some filler and remove some holes left from a mirror.

I’m quietly confident that we’ll have it done by the time I go back to work on Tuesday.  Well, the painting side of things!  Ooh, and Sarah is giving us a cot tomorrow so that will go in there too.

I’ve also ordered the curtains and a few matching decorative items which will be in the store to collect next week.  I can’t wait to have it all put together and then get the rest of the furniture.  It’s going to be such a gorgeous room, and I love the paint colour already.

Our little boy’s room.  I keep standing in there amazed at the fact it’s all coming together finally!

And the reason for the title of the post?

Well, I decided to have a bath to help my head and general weariness, and I’m more of a shower person so don’t bother with the whole run a bath lark that often, but on lying there with all my curves protruding it made me think of the song, and I was singing it to myself laughing at the analogy of the islands rising up out of the bath!!  Well, it’s better than thinking I could be mistaken for Nessie of the loch isn’t it!!  I just can’t believe how protruding my stomach actually is now.  I had better add my Palmers before bed whilst thinking about it.

That’s another matter too – forgetfulness.  I’m terrible at the moment.  I lost the car keys yesterday at my parents, it took me 30 minutes to locate them on my Dad’s boxes of tablets – why I’d have thought that was a good place to leave them I don’t know, but i’m having lots of ‘senior moments’ on a daily basis which is a little worrying!!

Right, sleep time now – bonne nuit mes amies 🙂


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