Merry Christmas!!

God bless us, every one!!

Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas Day?

Christmas Eve Hubby and I went to bed and baby was kicking up a storm so he kept his hands on my tummy asking how I’d manage to sleep with that before he started snoring!  Men have no idea at all!!

Our Christmas Day was lovely.  Church in the morning, I led worship and we had communion, then home to the parents for roast turkey, with sister A and her hubby K then we watched the Queen’s speech and opened presents, watched a bit of TV, had a rest, had some tea and played games before home to bed.

Most relaxing.

Today we’ve been back to Church (as it’s Sunday!) and am having another roast dinner (pork this time) with my other sister S, her hubby A and T and I and we will see what the day brings.

Izzy has been very good and enjoyed her first wrapped presents, and turkey dinner yesterday.  She’s still loving the snow, more so than us humans now I think!!  It was -11 on the drive to  Church this morning and my guinea-pigs food was all frozen.  They’re ok in their hay though, I check them many times a day and they’re warm and snug in their hutch.

Then a free day tomorrow, a pantomime on Tuesday and travelling to Exeter on Wednesday after the midwife appointment to stay with the in-laws for a few days.  It’s nice not being at work isn’t it!!!


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