Snow Is Falling….. and my 100th post!!

Not a lot has gone on the past couple of days thus the lack of a post yesterday.

Today I caught the bus to work as Hubby was out at a breakfast networking meeting and it was actually quite pleasant trudging along in the diamond glittering snow to the bus stop.  I was 15 minutes early for it (oops) and got cold toes waiting, but I’ve made it to work for what is technically Christmas Eve Eve Eve!!

I’m only here for the morning and will hopefully be meeting my old school chum Emma for lunch but as she’s driving up from Coventry and the Midlands have a current snow blizzard going on we’ll have to see whether or not they make it.

I’m really not dressed for the weather, wearing a dress and leggings and pixie boots so hopefully when mooching around town in the snow will be ok, they’re normally quite good at gritting round the shops!

Then I want to go over to our retail park and get a couple of maternity jumpers as I’m fed up of my two that fit and it’s cold.  And I want a pair of new goey outy flat shoes as I’m not risking heels for our work Christmas lunch tomorrow.

I slept well last night and was up early, but not as early as yesterday which was 4.30 after needing the loo and waking up baby who kicked me for about two hours!!  I woke Hubby up to put his hand there and he was amazed how much I was being kicked and promptly went back to sleep!  It’s ok for the guy isn’t it!

EDIT: A few hours later:

What a lovely day I’ve had!!  I left work bang on time, got a parking space in town with no issues, met Emma and had a delicious lunch at Pastiche – spring rolls, burger with chilli jam and chocolate parfait for dessert, and we had a lovely couple of hours chatting, then mooched around town and got my last presents, for Mum, Amy and Steve, got some wrapping paper, nipped to the market to get ribbon, and then went across town to Queensville and got two maternity jumpers and a top (in the sale!) for Christmas day with a pretty necklace and bangles and a pair of flat shoes to wear tomorrow.

I am most pleased with my day.

I am now sat down with a cup of tea and thinking about going out again to do a bit of a food shop as it’s on my to do list and we do need food.  Hmm.


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