Gum Trauma

Just had a funny thing happen!

I’d been out of the office, sat back down and tasted blood which I’ve been getting a lot of a morning.  I thought to myself ‘uh oh’ and grabbed a tissue to find my mouth full of blood and my teeth were red with it!  The girls in the office were horrified!

I know that your gums get weaker but still, this was a bit silly.  I was at the dentist recently and know my teeth are all ok albeit my gums are weak due to afore mentioned pregnancy!!

Then a third person today came into the office to comment how big I looked and I burst into tears.  Cue instant horrified silence and back pedalling from unfortunate person who only meant it in a nice way.  With bleeding gums and nose and weight issues I’m not a happy bunny this afternoon but didn’t mean to cry in such a way as that.  Oh dear.


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