Letter for Baby 1

Dear Baby

At the moment we are on the eve of 24 weeks.  This is a special date as it’s when doctors will try to save your life if you come early.  The longer you stay in there though, the better for the time being, although if you want to come a couple of weeks early, I won’t object!  We are looking forward to meeting you.

We are currently going through the coldest winter I have ever known, and possibly the coldest since records began.  And no, I don’t know when records began, you’d have to ask your grandparents.  I hope you’re warm enough in your little home in my tummy.

You started squirming and jumping around inside me about seven weeks ago, but you’ve been getting steadily stronger and now Daddy can feel you when you give a big kick.  You seem to be quite low down and kicking me in the base of my womb and although sometimes you make me jump and catch my breath, it’s nice to know you’re doing ok in there.

On the outside world we’re getting ready for Christmas and believe it or not you’ve already had some presents!!  We haven’t got your nursery ready yet, but we will do it in the new year.  We hope that you like the colours and toys in it.

We’re wondering whether to start playing you music, we hope you’ll have some musical ability, and Daddy wants you to play the piano, and Mummy hopes that you’ll like books.  You’ll certainly be read to a lot when you join us out here at any rate!!

Anyway, stay safe and strong little one.  You’re doing well so far 🙂

Love Us. xxx


2 thoughts on “Letter for Baby 1

  1. Hi Kate, I don't think we spoke at Louise's Hen do (I'm Sophie's sister) but just saw that you have a blog (I follow Louise's blog) and wanted to say congratulations! Hoping all goes well for you and the baby xx


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