Hippy Hippy Shake

Hooray!  Today is Saturday.  Next weekend is Christmas and it’s snowing outside!  Admittedly we have no heating or hot water (still) but we’re not too bad indoors.  And I’m feeling quite jolly at the prospect of my Christmas wrapping today – I keep putting it off as it’s a big job but when I get into it, I do enjoy it.

And last night two things happened:

1 – Baby was kicking a lot after dinner and Hubby came in and felt it!  Yay!  Finally!  I didn’t say anything to indicate when there was a kick, and he had his hand pressing quite low (as in my mind baby is sitting up and doing either an irish jig or pressing grapes with his feet and pummeling me in my inside nether regions!) and ‘pow’.  hubby looked at me and sort of said ‘was that a kick’ and I said yes, and then ‘pow’ ‘pow’, he did it again.  It’s nice that he now has an idea of how often and how hard I’m getting these blows to my interior!!

2 – The aching hips came back with a vengance last night to the point where I couldn’t lie on my left side as it just hurt.  On my right side was ok, and I actually slept quite well last night but I had to take two paracetamol this morning to take the edge off.  I wonder if it’s the sudden cold weather affecting my joints!!

Anyway, I need to get dressed and out of my pj’s and see whether I can persuade Steve to come to Ikea with me to just look at nursery furniture and maybe part with £100 to buy the shelf I want to put up in the lounge as Dad’s coming by tomorrow with his drill and it would just finish off the room for Christmas.  We’ll see, I’m not holding my breath.  My Dad thinks it’s funny, he says I’d give all our money away and be poorer for it, whereas Hubby wants to keep all our money and be stingy so we’re good for each other.   Humpf.


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