A Most Insomniatic Night

I had a very strange night last night.

Mum, Dad and I were going to a carol service at the main parish church in town. We’ve been every year since I myself was a member of the Youth Choir (many years ago!!) and it’s a lovely tradition we have.  We start to feel really festive after joining with the carols!!

Mum and Dad collected me at 6.15 and after a quick dash to M&S (Mum to get half price crackers and me to get a Christmas present for my friend) we ran over to St. Mary’s where we met Dad to find the church dark and closed!!

It seems the time had been changed, but on the website they said the concert would be Thursday December 17th. Well, Thursday was the 16th!! And Friday is the 17th. So there was a bit of a typo mix up there. Disappointed we headed home again!!

I then felt rather sleepy and thought I’d just rest on our bed for a bit and Steve joined me to feel the bump and see whether he was kicking (he wasn’t) but it was nice to cuddle for a bit and suddenly it was 9.30pm, then 11.30pm and I was still fully dressed lying on top of the covers! Izzy was at the foot of the bed (Steve had let her up as he’s such a softie with her) and I put my pj’s on and went back to sleep until 2.30am when Izzy started scratching and nibbling her feet and making the bed wobble. So down to her bed she went and another hour on, I was hungry. Going to sleep at 8.00pm had really unset my body clock! So down I went again to munch on a bowl of sultana bran (if I’m going to have to munch out of hours it’s going to be relatively healthy) and at 3.30am I went back to bed to try and sleep again without much luck but I did wake up at 7.00am again so must have dozed off slightly.

So now I’m in a bit of a blur today. *yawn*

I’ve been thinking about the bump. I’ve felt rather bad for resenting my weight gain, and all my moaning and wouldn’t want folk to think I’m not delighted at the prospect of our baby. I truly am. I guess I’m just one of those who is taken aback at pregnancy and all that comes with it due to not having a clue to start with!!

But anyway, I was reading about the different ways you put weight on, and the placenta itself weighs a lot, the fluids, your boobs, the baby himself, and you put fat on to burn off as energy when you start breastfeeding, so that did all make me feel better. I’m being a bit of a camel at the moment!! And when I feel baby moving and kicking at the moment it does reassure me more now rather than freak me out. Unless it’s really strong and makes me jump and wince! Ooh, a bit like now!! I’m being battered internally!! I wish I knew whether he was poking me, kicking me or just turning over! I can’t tell from the feelings at all!!

He’s squirming about now, it feels quite low in my pelvis, and still a bit butterfly like to be honest. I’ve not noticed my stomach moving yet as he moves about at times I can’t just lie and watch to see!!

There’s so much yet to come!!


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