Issues and Tissues

I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy making me cry, but I know it’s the pregnancy making my legs swell up to the point where my knee high boots won’t zip up and as that’s the fact that made me cry last night I’m putting it down to the pregnancy.  We went out for a meal with the Church worship group and I put on a skirt and did my hair and make-up.  And my boots didn’t fit 😦  *sob*

I do feel blue today.

My old sofa is ruined beyond repair by the dog.  The cushions have big chunks missing and I’m struggling to get comfortable on it.  I can’t imagine not having a decent sofa in the later stages of pregnancy.  Hubby hasn’t grasped the concept yet.  He thinks it’s fine.  I really don’t.  There’s a nice looking 3 seater on the Homebase website for £500, home delivery with good reviews.  It would be so easy to buy online and just have somewhere to sit.  I’m thinking of just getting rid of what we have so we HAVE to get one.  We could sit on dining chairs in the meantime.  I’d certainly find that more comfortable.

The boiler isn’t working.  Again.  And it’s cold and due to snow and freeze again this weekend.

It’s at the point where I’m too embarrassed to invite anyone round because who wants to sit in a freezing house on a lumpy, nasty sofa.

Oh, and I pranged the car yesterday morning.  I scraped a bollard and dented the rear passenger door.  Hubby isn’t too cross but in that I only thought to tell him at 3.00am (I was wide awake) it may not have sunk in properly yet for him.

And my ribs are still hurting.  And I’m tired.  And weepy today.  I’ve warned the boys in the office.   Tears may flow by lunch time.


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