Sorry for more moaning.  Here it comes…..  are you ready?…..

It’s just that my ribs are hurting me!!  My ribs of all things.  Sleeping on my side isn’t the easiest for me anyway, (although sleeping on a duvet helps, as do extra pillows) but now I’ve been kept awake by rib ache!!  (and from 5.00am by poky jabs from the little man – thanks very much!!).  I am getting a bit fed up myself of all the moaning I’m doing.  I never expected pregnancy to be fun, but I feel that I’m already a terrible person for admitting to feeling pains and aches and weariness – all the time!!!

This helpful site gives lots of information on all the pains and aches and discomfort one can expect during pregnancy!!  Nice to know isn’t it!!  Apparently, it’s due to my expanding uterus pushing my ribs about.  And being week 23 now, this is likely to last until at least week 36 when baby descends into my pelvis.  That’s another 13 weeks.  I’ve never known any one else moan like me about being pregnant.  I do apologise!!

I so cannot wait for Christmas Eve when I can have a nice break over Christmas!!  No work until the 4th January 2011!  Hurrah!!!  I shall be able to nap whenever I feel the need.  And from the 4th it’s only another 2 months until I finish work.  I shall really be on countdown from that point.  The thought of sitting here at 34 weeks is rather nauseating.  Plus I know I’ll be busy at that point and have lots to get sorted before I depart.

Talking of work, I’m in the office today and my pregnancy super smell spider senses are in overdrive as they’ve done something with the next door kitchen carpets and all I can smell are fumes (like when you smell a marker pen) but no one else can smell it at all!!  It’s very nasty and making me feel a bit woozy and headachy, so I’m now chilling myself with my fan on but it’s giving me fresh air to breathe instead. 

I was reading a book yesterday about the plague outbreak in England in 1666 (I know, fun topic isn’t it!) and there is a scene where the protagionist is called to help deliver a baby, and she’s really worried as she’s never done it before, just helped birth sheep, and the woman who’s called on her services says not to worry, she has some poppy to help the pain, and Anna (our heroine) says  not to use that as it won’t help, and that labour is called labour for a reason, a women has to work hard to birth a baby.  And it’s true.  It’s a good book, it’s based on a true story of a little village in Derbyshire that all take an oath to not run away and spread the plague when they come down with it, and are thus cut off from the rest of the world.  It’s called ‘Year of Wonders’ by Geraldine Brooks and I’ve been to the place to see it, it’s not far from where I live.

And on a final note, Mum and Dad have said they’ll come round on Sunday afternoon to help clear out the remainder of the nursery and clean the carpets 🙂  Hurray!!  We can tip the old furniture and get it all empty and ready to paint.  And maybe buy the curtains?!  That’s cheered me up!  I feel I’ve done as much as I can for the time being and I can’t move furniture myself and Steve isn’t feeling the same urge as me to get it done.  I also want a new sofa (well, need is more appropriate since Izzy has wrecked our old one), and a shelf over the TV unit to finish off the lounge.  It’s all on my list for now!!


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