In Bruges

Here’s a write up of my weekend of travels!
05.30am – Up and at ’em!!  It was very early, but we made it to the pick up point in good time and settled onto the coach.
The seats were slightly too reclined for my liking and I put the seat back and with my pillow I tried to nap.  I drifted off to sleep but then woke up suddenly feeling clammy, green and nauseous.   I can only think that because I was on my back, my body was saying ‘no’ and I couldn’t sleep that way!!  Luckily, the coach wasn’t full, so I could move behind Hubby and have two seats to myself and put my legs up which helped a lot.  I felt really rested.
1.00pm – Ferry time!  Hubby and I enjoyed the ferry and it only took just over an hour and we were there.  I never realised it was all so close.
5.00pm – After a stop at a wine warehouse (where we only bought iced tea!) we headed to our hotel.  It was the most basic hotel I’ve ever stayed at but it was ok.
7.00pm – We headed out and found a nice restaurant called Mirador where we had a nice meal together.
10.00pm – I was sleepy and the bed was actually very comfortable so zonked out early!
8.30am – Down for breakfast which was continental and consisted of cereals, juice, coffees (bleurgh), yoghurts, bread, croissants (yum) and butter and jam.
9.30am – Off to Bruges we went and within an hour we were dropped at a park and ride.  Hubby and I opted to walk the short distance into the city and found a lovely park, and at least three Christmas markets.  The windows were full of Christmas goodies and although we didn’t have the money to really splurge it was fun window shopping.
13.00pm – We had some food from the markets, fries for me and bratwurst for Hubby (any sort of nutrition really went out of the window this weekend) and stopped in a cafe for waffles and drinks so I could use the facilities!!  Being pregnant and cold is not conducive to bladder control!!
17.00pm – Back to Calais and we went back to the same restaurant and Hubby again had a steak, and I had tartiflette which is potatoes, onions and bacon in a cheesy sauce. Most tasty it was too, and unfortunately very hot as I discovered when a piece of cheese soldered itself to the roof of my mouth and burned me.

21.00pm – We watched a film on Hubby’s lap top in our hotel room and went to sleep after a lovely day!


08.00am – Breakfast again and onto the coach.  There was a little drama with two attempts from illegal refugees trying to hide in the engine to get access to the UK.  One guy was found outside the hotel as the bus driver noticed fingerprints around the engine door, and sure enough, a man had crept in during the night and was hiding in the wheel arches.  How he thought he’d manage to hold on for the duration is beyond me, but when he realised he wasn’t going to be allowed to stay there, he came out looking glum.

09.30am – Wine warehouse stop – and refugee number two was found at this point sitting on the axel of the front wheels.  This fellow was more accepting and even waved the bus off after he was asked to exit.

10.00am – Citi-Europe – this place is huge and we had a fab time wandering around and Hubby bought a little baby set and we got some bits and bobs for Christmas presents.

12.00pm – Back on the bus for home and I slept most of the way after getting to Dover.  I had two cups of tea on the ferry from Costa (I think I’d not drunk enough over the weekend and had a bit of a dehydration headache).
19.00 – Back in Stafford and we collected our car and drove up to my parents to collect Izzy.  She was pleased to see us and it was nice to be home.  We watched half an hour of tv and then off I went to bed and that, was my weekend away.
I had been wondering how I’d cope with being pregnant and away and although the initial nausea episode worried me, I was fine the rest of the weekend.  Being able to put my feet up on the coach journey helped a lot I think and I think I should have drunk more but I was worried about going to the loo.

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