Wakey Wakey

Getting up is so hard at the moment!  It’s cold out, and so very very dark.  Not inspiring at all!

I have to admit, last night was better.  I spread the spare duvet out so Hubby had to sleep on it too, and I slept from 10pm – 1.00am, turned over, then slept till 3.20am, turned over, then at 4.10am the dog scratched to come up so Hubby hurled himself out of bed (he swears he doesn’t know he’s doing it?!) and let her up.  Oh, and also, I got a nose bleed last night!  Apparently that’s normal during pregnancy too.  Lovely stuff.

I’m sorry that my sleeping habits aren’t the most riveting of reading.  But I do feel a little more rested today which pleases me.

On the plus side I packed last night for our Bruges trip.  We’re dropping Izzy at my parents this evening, then Hubby is going to his youth club and I’m meeting my friends C and A for a couple of hours which will be lovely.  Then Hubby will likely try and pack damp clothes into a carrier bag for his weekend and at 6.00am tomorrow morning, we’ll be departing to get the coach.

I’m taking my maternity notes with me, just in case, but I’m sure all will be well.  I’ll probably get swollen legs from sitting on the coach but they tend to make a few stops, and we’re not going far once we’re off the ferry in France.

It’s warmer in Belgium and France than it is in England at the moment anyway!!

I have visions of Hubby and I sitting at bistro’s on street corners, sipping hot chocolates and wandering around the Christmas markets enjoying Frites and mayonnaise, waffles and bratwurst.  I’ll let you know on Monday how it all goes!


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