Still Yawning….

Well last night I decided to try sleeping on top of our old double duvet for extra softness to see whether it helped my aching joints so folded it in half and clambered onto it and snuggled under our new super feather duvet and was extremely cosy and toasty.  But whether it was due to the folding or the fact I felt a bit to high in the bed I still didn’t sleep well.

I kept having to turn over just as much and had the added fear of falling out of bed!!

It’s getting a bit silly now.  I know my body is preparing me for getting up during a night to feed a baby, but surely it’s more sensible to get as much sleep as I can at this point?!

It doesn’t help when our dog decides she doesn’t like it downstairs and scratches to come up with us at 4am.  I’ve said we shouldn’t let her dictate where she sleeps but Hubby doesn’t mind.  He wouldn’t, he fills the length of the bed so she sleeps on my feet and takes up my space.

I feel like a zombie!  And 18 more weeks to go.


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