I have not been sleeping well.

Sorry to moan again (do you sense a theme here?) but I am tired.  And aching.  So much aching!!  Hips, pelvis and even my ribs seem to hurt sleeping on my side!  I’m turning over so much in the night trying to get comfortable.  My leg pillow helps, but tonight I’ll try sleeping on a duvet to make the bed softer.  I hope I don’t overheat with it, but it helped last time when I felt achy on the boat.

I’m loathe to take lots of paracetamol really, so am just going with the aches and pains at the moment as they’re not stopping me from doing anything as yet.

I’m a bit of a zombie at work though.

This weekend Hubby and I are off to Bruges for a Christmas market.  I’m looking forward to getting away with him for a couple of days, and I shall take a spare pillow on the coach to sleep on and use for my legs in the hotel.

It’ll be the last oppurtunity for a while maybe to spend some quality time just the two of us!  Although we were saying we’d go to Edinburgh for Valentines weekend!!  Who knew he could be romantic?!  (Well, more talk no action, it’ll be me booking it no doubt but still, the thought was his!)


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