And I mean the UK pants, so knickers to us!  Not trousers!

I tend to wear cotton 5 packs (I’m not a saucy pant sort of girl) and I go for mini’s or high leg.  Before I grew a huge bump on my front, I liked them pulled up to my tummy button else they felt uncomfortable, but now, all those are redundant as they have to go below the bump.  (I’ve not been able to face even looking at maternity pants as yet!!!)

Anyway, I accidentally wore a pair of high leg ones the other day.  And man, they were uncomfy.  Being a doofus, I went to bed in them and woke up feeling that they were far too tight, so grabbed a pair of scissors and just cut the elastic either side and went back to sleep.

Hubby thought this was hysterical.  I didn’t disturb him though!  Can  you imagine if I’d asked him to help?!  Nope!

I’ve read that women do tend to start storing necessary fat reserves on their hips and bums from this point.  I feel bigger there although clothes are still fitting fine, but I’m worrying I’m turning into a blimp of sorts and it’s going to take ages to get back to my wedding day figure.

Anyway, I had to pop out this afternoon and buy more minis.  I’m not getting caught out with high legs again!!

I’m also wondering what pants I’ll need in my maternity bag afterwards.  Having skipped ahead a few chapters in the baby books I’m aware I’ll need some bigger pants to help contain the maternity pads required for a few weeks.  (Still stocking up on those).  Maybe a trip to Primark would be a good idea, especially for cheap nighties and a t-shirt for the birth.  I’ve not really got anything I’d want to ruin to that level!!  I asked Hubby if he had a t-shirt I could wear, but he’s not willing to relinquish one of his MSP ones!!

It’s strange thinking how important pants are at the moment!!


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