And the Doctor Said…..


Yaagh!  It’s so horrid.  The worst bit is, he said this bout may clear up but being pregnant means I’ll be prone to it throughout.  Something to do with having a ‘sugary vagina’ during pregnancy!!  Why oh why?

Actually, maybe the worst bit was the examination.  I was hoping he’d just take my symptoms, give me canestan cream and send me away.  Oh no.  I had an examination, the nurse had to shine a head torch up there and swabs have been taken as well.  I guess it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

Then off to the pharmacy where I had an internal cream to use over night which I did (*shudder*) and then an external cream which I was expecting to be canesten as well, but isn’t.  It’s called Dakacort cream and as I’ve not used it before, I carefully read the instruction leaflet with it, to see it’s not really suitable during pregnancy?!!! 

So I’ve not yet applied any, it seems to be more of a hydracortisone for athletes foot than anything else, so I want to check it’s correct first.  Is that a bit particular of me?  Maybe, but for the best I think.  I’m probably worrying over nothing but I’d rather check it out than worry unnecessarily.

Seriously, I was such a naive girl, thinking that labour was the only uncomfortable part of pregnancy!  I never dreamed pregnancy could be uncomfortable too!!  And I think I’m probably getting it pretty easy compared to some others!  Imagine my moaning if it were worse!!!  =D  Ha  ha!!!


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