Feeling Pregnant

I’ve not really got a lot to add today.

Except that I am feeling very pregnant today.  People keep commenting that I look big.  I know they don’t mean ‘me’ overall, it’s the bump on my front, but it is large.  And a little cumbersome.  Turning over in the night is not simple.  And Steve has taken to calling me his ‘pregnant whale’ which he assures me is affectionate but I wish he’d just call me something I’d find unoffensive.

I feel stretched, and swollen and generally bulky.  It’s odd.  Apparently, women miss their bump when it’s gone.  I’m not sure I will.  I’ll be glad to have my baby but I’m just not used to feeling so chunky!!

 This is quite a chunky looking picture.  Please ignore the double chin. 
The bump is large compared with others at 21 weeks.
 This one is slightly better with the chin held up but seriously, maternity bras are not flattering!!

And looking down at my bump on my lap.  Not seeing external movement yet but it’s very early days for that.  I’m sure that if Steve were to be around at the right moment he’d feel a kick but he’s not yet sat with his hands on my tummy for long enough to feel it as yet!!

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