The Pram Is Home…..

Well, not our home but the parents home.  It’s wonderful.

We had a great play with, sorting out how the carry cot converts into the buggy, with a little headscratching we got it sussed.

It was a bargain at £197 down from £400 (or even £320 on their site currently) and with it being from the Mamas and Papas factory shop, Mum and Dad bought us the car seat and a permanent base so it just clicks in and out as well.

We are very pleased with it indeed.  Only 19 weeks until he’s with us and being strolled around in it!!

I’ve got a feeling Mum will be looking at it every day whilst it’s staying in at their house!!

Oh, and Mum also gave me her first knit!  An adorable cream little cardigan and matching hat in a gift bag with a blue miffy rabbit!!  I reckon she got a blue and a pink and will pass the pink on another day.  It’s so soft and adorable!!


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