The Big Cake Reveal…

Well, I’ve thought for ages I wanted to do the American thing of a ‘reveal’ which is one of the reasons for keeping the scan results a secret, so I have time to make the cakes!  It just seemed more exciting than saying ‘it’s a boy’!

I love baking and had a plan in mind to create a fairy cake with the relevant colour combined with a tasty chocolate sponge, so off I went to the supermarket to get all ingredients required.  (I’m going to demonstrate as we go through the post!!  Here’s everything ready to go!!  (Note blue colouring at the front!!)

I use a typical sponge recipe –

8oz butter/margerine
8oz caster sugar   cream these two together with an electric whisk.

Then beat in 4 eggs, one at a time.

Then whisk in 8oz sieved self raising flour.  I then removed a portion to turn blue, and added a drop of milk and about 3 tbsp cocoa to finish the remainder of the batter.

I then put a spoon of chocolate batter in the base of each muffin case (I used muffin cups and tray to get a deeper cake) and sort of made a bit of a well so that hopefully the chocolate would encase the blue colour and keep it from giving the game away!

Then I added my blue colouring to the spare batter, and this is where it went a bit pear shaped!  I used lots of blue but it looked really pale.  I thought pale was better than none so added the blue batter to the dips in the chocolate batter.

I then covered the blue with a chocolate topping.  You can see how pale the blue is here.  I blame the Asda natural food colourings.  Some e-numbers would surely have worked better!!!

Anyway, into the oven they went, and although a couple had a bit of an explosion, they weren’t too bad size wise:

The ones in white cases are just chocolate batter which was spare, and on the whole, they don’t look too bad at this point, although I’m sure you can see, the exploded bits are not blue enough!  Could they look blue on the inside wondered to myself?

Erm, no.  They just look like a marbled fairy cake!  What to do, what to do?   Thinking on my feet I decided that if I made some blue butter icing, I could do butterfly cakes instead, cut the tops out, add the blue inside and cover in chocolate butter icing.  So that’s what I did.  And the wretched food colouring was still pale, but I went with it, and….

The photo doesn’t show the actual colour, they are looking more blue than the sponge was and I’m hoping people can tell it’s not pink!!  I then covered the whole tops with chocolate buttercream and topped them off with a cadbury’s button.

So there we have it, chocolate and blue reveal cakes a la moi.  Lets see what folk make of them!!


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