Bit of Shopping

It’s been a relatively lovely day today.

Steve and I (and the sonographer nurse of course) are the only people in the world to know for sure what we’re having, and it’s really nice to know our secret.

We’ve been discussing names and narrowing the ones we like down.  I think we’re almost there.  I won’t say just yet.  All I will say is I’m not allowed my Noah for a boy, although Steve does like my suggestions for a girl, both of them!!

I made my reveal cakes for work and my parents – I’ll be posting about that tomorrow, didn’t quite work to my original plan!  Tasty though regardless, but harder work than I’d anticipated.

We nipped out shopping at 4pm.  The thought of battling crowds in town on the coldest day of the year yet was not appealing, so we left it till later which worked well.  There was no traffic and the shops we wanted were quiet.  Steve got some new jumpers and a proper coat which he’s been needing for at least the three years I’ve known him, probably longer too!!

Then we stopped by B&Q and picked up a paint tester pot – ‘paradise’.  I’ve always said I’d do the nursery in a neutral colour such as pale turquoise as that would go with pinks, purples, blues and other colours too to be a bright and restful room.  And from the patches I’ve put on all the walls, I like it!

And then we nipped over to Dunelm and bought the Sleepy Owl bumper, newborn sleeping bag and a fleecy blanket!  Just a little purchase to compare the colour to (which I think works well) and suitable for a boy or a girl.

The spare room is getting more empty by the day.  I’m being very harsh and binning lots, sending lots to charity and I’m going to work on the wardrobe this afternoon.  It’s hard, as it has lots of clothes in that I can’t wear at the moment and I don’t know if I’ll ever fit in them again and I’m rather loath to get rid completely but I’m sure with a bit of adjustment I’ll be able to source new homes for some items.   There’s lots of space under our bed and I could put a box under there.  Once that’s empty we’ll take it down and get rid of the wing chair, then it’s just the desk and the single bed.  Then we can clean the carpet and paint the walls and put new baby stuff in!

And I will be posting my Sunday notification with the gender announcement later on tomorrow!  I’ve realised I missed my Friday week 20 picture as I went for the scan and forgot so I’ll have to have a go at taking one today instead.  I think I’ve grown.  I have a right ledge under my tummy now!!

And as the cakes were done and ready my parents came over at 9.30pm on their way back from Wales to have them adn we called Steve’s family to tell them.  We felt we were ready to do so.  Mum got what it meant straight away, Dad needed a little explaining first!!  They’re very pleased though.  I guess they would be either way though!!  It’s still a healthy baby isn’t it!!


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