Scan Day!

I was rudely awoken this morning at 5am by an odd beeping noise, that for some unfathomable reason didn’t wake Hubby until I woke him too!  We deduced it was coming from a smoke alarm I wasn’t aware that I even had!  Right at the top of the stairs which is a silly place for it to be as it’s practically unreachable.  Hubby stood on a chair in his boxers trying to poke at it, and it stopped beeping so we went back to bed for it to start again 30 minutes later.

Why do these things always go off in the wee small hours?!

So up I got, I can’t bear noise and Hubby just pretends he can’t hear it, rolls over and ‘pretends’ to be asleep.  He really is a Mr-ignore-it-and-it’ll-go-away.  Just like the leaky pipe under the sink, and the perished rubber on the washing machine.  It’s a good job I can ask my Dad for assistance on these things.  But I couldn’t call Dad at nearly 6am in the morning so I found Steve’s sword (yes, he has a sword that’s been used for nothing until this point) and I whacked it until the beep went a little more robotic sounding and it stopped for a bit more until we were up at least.

Anyhow, back to it.  I was up and showered and dressed and back to work this morning.  I still felt a bit woolly in the head and was sneezing and coughing but felt well enough to go in.  At least for the 3 1/2 hours I was due in today.

11.30am we went to the hospital, we walked up as it’s so much quicker than waiting to park and pay, and go there bang on time at 11.50 which meant we didn’t have to wait very long, and in we went.

It was lovely to see the baby again, (I’m going to remain gender neutral here for the time being, although I do know, but Hubby and I wanted to keep it a secret just for a couple of days to get used to it, and try names out and such!) and we saw the little hands and feet, and a face which was cute, the heart was going well, and all seemed in good working order with no reasons to worry!  Not like the horrid dream I had the other night where it was a conjoined twin with a small fetus attached to it’s head.

So after that we headed up to Stoke for the Mamas and Papas factory shop and got ourselves a buggy!  It was a Rubix, and the last one in, half price in the sale, so it was £197 reduced from nearly £400.  Mum and Dad said as it was so cheap, they’d buy us the car seat as well which comes with a base and is what Steve thought would be more practical for the car, so that’s all good too!

It’s the liquorice colour rather than bubblegum as they didn’t have the bubblegum in the shop but it is more gender neutral I think and it’s three in one.  We measured it and it fits and is comfortable to push and I know it’s not the silvercross I’d set my heart on, but that one didn’t do face both ways whereas this one does and I think that’s an important element so Hubby is happy its sorted, and I’m pleased as I think it’s traditional enough but with a modern twist too.

And now I’m thinking that I’ll go to B&Q and Dunelm and buy the paint and some fabrics ready to do the nursery after Christmas (at the Mama and Papas shop, they had half price furniture which even Hubby said we could buy!)

So all is well, and it’s been a lovelyday.

Ooh, and to finish it all off, Hubby bought me the pram charm for my bracelet which was lovely of him.


2 thoughts on “Scan Day!

  1. very thoughtful of Steve!I assume 'bubblegum' is pink and why would you want a pink buggy unless…..Have I been a good detective?Steve's not the only Mr-ignore-it-and-it'll-go-away…Nick applies that principle to every area of life that or the 'I didn't notice' claim!


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