Sniffles and Sneezes

I apologise in advance for any moaning.  I don’t try to be such a moaning person.  Truly.  Things just seem to work out that way at the moment!!  At least I guess I can laugh at myself for it, and be lighthearted from time to time.

I seem to have come down with a cold and sore throat over night. I was aware of being awake quite a bit last night, I think I was waking myself up coughing and hacking which can’t have been pleasant for Hubby. He claims he slept well though which is sweet of him. I think he’s lying.  I’m sure I was horrid to sleep next to, turning over all the time, making noise, and generally being awake every couple of hours.

So as a result I slept in until 7.30 this morning trying to catch up a bit. I feel like death now though. My eyes are closing, my head is woolly and I could do with a nap and a nice hot lemon drink. I’ve been taking paracetamol which isn’t great I know, but seeing as I was prescribed a huge bag of them for hip ache by the doctor I figure it’s counteracting the hip pain and the cold symptoms and I feel better when having taken a couple.

I had a bit of a panic the other night. I’d read about a soothing remedy of two lavender oil drops in a bowl of water to erm, well, soothe some irritation (TMI alert – I’ll let you fill in the blanks!) and I think it had helped, but then I was looking online and the amount of websites saying not to use lavender oil was remarkable. I panicked all night long and rang the midwife yesterday to be told it was fine, and lavender was one of the safe oils. So that’s all ok then.

Definitely early to bed for me tonight. Need some ‘zzzzz’s’

Ooh, p.s. I don’t think I mentioned that my wedding ring is now a little tight on my ring finger so I’m having to leave it off.  My engagement ring, being my Grandma’s and never re-sized is ok still and fits snugly now.  I’ve swelled up 😦  Wondering whether it’s worth getting a ‘pregnancy ring’ to see me through as my finger now feels a bit naked!!


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