I’ve realised (I think) that this stands for too much information!

It got me thinking about the whole ‘wonder’ that is pregnancy.  There’s so much happening that I, as an unaware and relatively naive person didn’t know.

When I decided to record this blog I had anticipated being very open and mentioning all elements of pregnancy matters, including the icky bits so that others may read it and be prepared.  And not to sound too awful, but I’m not sure that’s such a wise decision now as I think there’s a reason things are a bit of a mystery!

I’ve freaked myself out by getting ahead, and trying to prepare myself mentally for labour, and looked at videos on Youtube.  I advise that others don’t.  Not at this point anyway.  I really wish I hadn’t.  It all started harmlessly enough, I was looking at a blog and a woman had put her birth video on there, it seemed harmless, there were pictures of her scans, a maternity photo shoot, all set to nice music, when suddenly, it wasn’t bump pictures anymore.  It was her in a birthing pool with everything going on.  I idly clicked onto a different video on the list on the right, and it was worse.  It was close up.  An episiotomy was needed.  I didn’t need to see that.  I clicked on the list again.  It was very close up again.  It was the placenta being delivered.  I certainly didn’t want to see that.  I wondered why I was punishing myself by watching these films.  I certainly preferred the Dawn Porter documentary where you didn’t see close up, and it all seemed quick and then happy with the babies afterwards.

Anyway, if I were to tell the girls in the office every little detail, I doubt they’d ever choose pregnancy.  I mean, who would.  If it’s your first, and you don’t know the joy of being handed your little one at the end of it and that makes it all worth while, would you choose 9 months of feeling rotten, discomfort, no sleep and all the other frankly weird stuff that goes on in your body?  Probably not.  Best to just get pregnant and worry about the other stuff later.

So I now will respect the mystery of pregnancy, and not upset the office girls by saying ‘look what I read on the internet!  Look up ‘lochia’ it happens after you’ve given birth’  and seeing them hang their heads at a rather gruesome prospect.  I won’t tell Steve about extra levels of things requiring panty liners and see him digest the fact his wife is repelling him a little bit at that moment in time (!) and I will be part of a club after the event where we new mums can all sit together and compare birth stories and pregnancies and not feel that we’re putting potential mum’s to be off, as they’ll be safe in the blissful ignorance of the naive which is where I was 20 weeks ago.

It’s a much nicer place to be!!  Believe me!


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