20 Weeks Today!!

I can’t believe it’s gone so fast and here we are, halfway through this pregnancy!!

I’ve not been too bad this week, even making it out to see Harry Potter last night (I’m a little tired now for it, but slept well last night) and finally making a decision about my Guide Unit (I’m a guide leader and have been for almost 14 years and with my current unit for 10 years) and I’ve handed my notice in to finish at Christmas, as I don’t know how tired I’ll feel in my third trimester, and who knows what the future holds with regards going back.  I decided it was easier to say leave it for now rather than make promises I don’t know whether I can keep or not.  But one things for sure, it’ll be lovely to have my Friday evenings back!

Anyway, on with the important stuff….

How far along: 20 Weeks.Total Weight Gained:  Again, I don’t know.  I got into a pair of regular trousers plus bump band yesterday so I guess it is all in the bump whatever it is!

Maternity Clothes:  About half and half, the maternity clothes are winning for comfort though.

Stretch Marks: Still none, just a smooth, getting larger stomach that I keep looking at in the mirror and giggling to myself!!

Sleep: Yes, been ok this week.  I’m aware of turning over in the night but I’m not feeling overtired for it.

Best Moment of the Week:  Feeling quite good on Friday I think!  And noticing the kicks coming through stronger now.

Movement:  Yes, getting pretty strong now.  And they never cease to surprise me, so if I’m talking to someone and wince, that’s why!  It’s caught me out a lot with the strength of them!  Sometimes feels like proper pummeling!  Can’t imagine full on whacks that can be felt outside!  They must hurt!

Food Cravings:  Sweet stuff and more sweet stuff.  Pavlova and sticky toffee pudding at the top of this weeks list.  I do have clotted cream rice pudding that may come out this evening too.

Gender: This Friday!  We find out at 11.50am THIS Friday!  I’m rather excited about it!!

Belly Button: Not too much change from last week.

What I miss:  Christmas menu food.  Our work menu starters are pate, camenbert, prawns and then soup or fruit juice.  Hmmm.  I love pate, and French mould ripened cheeses, and prawns.  It’s hard to see everyone else enjoying what I can’t have.  And I’ve never been a soup as a starter person, it’s too filling.

What I’m looking forward to:  Hubby being able to feel the kicks and FRIDAY!!

Milestones: Half way through this pregnancy is rather a mile stone!  20 Weeks!!


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