The Next Day….

Well, I slept well, aside from the fact we had a power cut last night so I had to go to bed with no power which meant clocks and alarms weren’t working!!  I’ve not figured out my Blackberry alarm but decided to trust in the heating system and dog to wake me up.  Well, the heating didn’t come on as the clock hadn’t adjusted due to the power out, and with me needing a wee in the night, Izzy came up to bed with me at 5.15am and wasn’t available to scratch the door at 7am to wake me!  So I finally woke up at 7.30 this morning which wasn’t as bad as it could have been!  It was cold though.

The hip felt rested, although since getting to work is aching again.  I don’t know whether to have the afternoon off (it was booked as leave to see Harry Potter but Steve is working) and I was going to cancel it to save for another time.  We will have to see.

I sent Steve a text last night at around 8pm to ask him to pop to Asda on his way back from Youth Club (he helps out, doesn’t attend as a ‘youth’!) to buy me a Pavlova as I was really fancying some fruity cream and meringue.   Anyway, with the power out, I was lighting candles and finding my way around in the dark with my torch and it got to 9.40pm!  And still no Steve!  He then called to say he didn’t know what pavlova was and had been looking for over half an hour and would a lemon meringue pie be sufficient?  Well, I didn’t know how to say I’d wanted pavlova at 8pm and nearly 10pm wasn’t the same but he finally found one and returned triumphant so I dutifully cut a wedge and ate it (feeling sleepy) and drank a glass of milk to counteract the sugar then fell into bed.

So back to today…

I’ve taken my first two paracetamol and will see what happens with the hip.  Trying hard not to be a moaning myrtle.


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