Aches and Pains

I’ve probably mentioned before my aches and pains of the moment.

Well, with my left pelvis/hip area being very painful today, I’m off to the Dr’s.  It’s affecting me walking and if I can be referred for physio to avoid further injury, it’ll probably be for the best so at 4pm I’m seeing a Doctor.

EDIT: 8pm

Well I saw Dr Spiers who’d I’d been seeing with regards my asthma last year.  When I walked in he said, ‘Oh, it’s you!’ so he remembered me with a new name now!!  which was nice.  Then he commented that I’d got married, and got pregnant and all rather quickly!   Yep!  That’s me!!

Anyway, he did some prodding of my back and pretty much it’s what I thought.  My pelvis has softened and things are rubbing and all manner of things which is causing the twingey pain. After resting it’s not too bad, but with walking I’m developing a staggering limp!!  So I’ve been prescribed paracetamol for a week, 2 a day four times a day, (which is rather contrary to what we think is healthy in pregnancy) but if the doctor says it’s ok I have to believe it.  He offered to sign me off for a few days but with tomorrow being Friday I don’t see the point of that with a quiet weekend ahead, but if it’s not better in a week, it maybe physio for me afterwards.  Dr Spiers sort of poked at the pain and it seemed to help a little afterwards or maybe that was my imagination!

So quiet night in tonight for me with Izzy the pup putting my feet up.  Hot chocolate too maybe!!

Pain, it’s a burden pregnant women seem to have to bear and for longer than a labour!!  Who knew!


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