What Have I Bought?

I’m not sure that I’m buying things in a rational manner for this baby.

The first thing I bought was a baby carrying thing from someone at work, rather an impulse buy, as it was £60, used twice and he was selling it for £20 so I though – bargain. 

Then I waited for quite a while, having realised I ought to not be crazy and just buy random things.

But I’m giving into impulses again at the moment.

Last week I saw a review for a nursing pillow that was so good, it made me buy one straight away.  A nursing pillow!  it’s cute, and multifunctional, but I’m sure there’s more important things my money would be better saved for.

I’ve bought one little babygro set – just because it was adorably cute (neutral colours) and two packs of newborn nappies to get the free Sainsbury’s huggies set, and the Boots changing bags.

And I think that’s it so far.  Ooh, and Mum bought us the play gym thingy.

And on a bonus note – Mum has suggested that we get the Silvercross pram and a different sort of car seat (she really likes the same one too) as baby would only be in a carseat for up to 9 months anyway, and babies aren’t meant to be sat up in them for more than two hours so wouldn’t be pushed around on the pram in a car seat anyways.  Hmmm.  Food for thought.

Just need to get nursery stuff next.  Steve says we can buy it all after Christmas.  So long to wait………


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