Can we have a new car?…..

I’m so very disappointed.  I got Steve to come up to Babies R Us this evening to show him the pram system I’ve set my heart on, and the sales lady took the car seat out to  our car, and couldn’t get it to fit.  The seatbelt wouldn’t go around the seat adequately. 

Steve doesn’t accept that we need to get a bigger car.  His idea is that I change my mind and find a new pram system instead.  How rubbish is that 😦  I’ve had my heart set on Silvercross for ages.  Well, at least since I saw the beautiful dream buggy a couple of weeks ago. (I’m half joking here!  But it pains me.)

I’m a traditionalist at heart, and I love the idea of pushing baby around in a lovely pram, with four wheels, and a solid pram top which baby can lie down in, and with the world class Silvercross suspension system.

Steve was getting bored, so randomly picked about set out which was the opposite to what I want.  It was all  black, and like a little blob of a pram on a modern three wheel base a bit like a shopping trolley.  It may be trendy and what all other modern mum’s are having, but I’m old fashioned and my pram will have to be pleasing to the eye as well.

What to do now?  So disappointed.  And I have no idea what I want instead.  I’m not very good at shopping, so once I’ve made a decision, that’s it.  ‘Can’t fit’ doesn’t really occur in my train of thought.

Hmm.  Back to the drawing board.


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