Feeling Rested

Well good morning.

I am pleased to say that I slept well last night and my weird groin ache seems to have dissipated over night.  I hope it stays away!

I woke up early and began sorting out books from the spare room into keep and get rid piles.  It’s hard.  I love my books and my keep pile is still more than twice the size of the get rid pile but most of them are my childhood books which could be boxed up and kept somewhere until baby is of an age to read them.

I’ve also completely cleaned the kitchen, bleached the sink, disinfected all the surfaces, washed up everything I could find.  It was Hubby’s turn, but if I were to wait for him to do his fair share of household chores I’d be waiting a long time and the washing up would probably have walked out in disgust.  It’s so much nicer clean.  Hubby has yet to recognise the difference between ‘tidy’ and ‘clean’.  He’s an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ sort of boy.  Never mind.  He’ll learn!

It’s a 2.00pm today when my Mum will collect us to go to Babies ‘R’ Us.   I’m quite excited about that!!  Pram testing and goodness knows what else we’ll find!!


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