Buggy Browsing

I’m not a shopper sort of girl.  I tend to get most things online and the thought of trailing around shop after shop really does not inspire me whatsoever.  I bought most of my wedding things online, even my dress (without trying on first!! Ssshhh!!)

But I had to admit buying the right buggy is something worth doing properly, and so my Mum and I headed off to Babies ‘R’ Us this afternoon.  Steve opted out after hearing the trip involved a few places ending at Trentham Gardens (a huge garden centre) which was probably for the best, so off we went.

It’s ages since I’ve been in a Toys ‘R’ Us, and my word, they’re full of everything.  Shelves stacked high of the most random toys you could imagine.  A parents nightmare I should think! If I had to spend too long in that section I’d have had a headache.

We found our way to the buggies, and there it was.  The lovely Silvercross.  It was light, manouverable, lovely colours, but in seeing it in person, there was a negative!!!  It doesn’t collapse down readily, and you have to remove the pram section before putting it in a car, which means you need more room for the uncollapsable pram part too.  It’s the solid handle, that means it’s more bulky when collapsed whereas the two separate handles are slimmer = [see link to previous post]

However, they did have an offer on another Silvercross which at first look seemed girly with a pink stripe on grey – ‘pink’ exclaimed the attendant?  ‘No, that’s red, very gender neautral’!!!   Hmm.  Ok.
But on closer inspection, yes, it was more a deep plum which I wouldn’t mind putting a boy in to be honest.  It’s the 3D pram in Henley.

This buggy seemed to have it all.  The same pram which converts to a buggy, and a car seat, cosy toes, and I forget all the rest.  It was also half price at £299 and if I went for this one, there was a free car seat as well worth £114.   Too good to be true??

The original Silvercross I liked was also on offer, but not quite as generously as that one, even though I cheekily enquired whether they could throw in a car seat to seal the deal?!  (answer – no!)

We then headed to a local baby shop in Newcastle-Under-Lyme (just around the corner from where my Grandad lived actually!) and we were expecting a hike in prices being a private shop, but they were very competative, and far more helpful really.  We came here as Mum had found they stocked the Hauck which was the other buggy set we’d looked at online.

And you do get what you pay for.  The Hauck was a cheaper model, the handles weren’t as comfortable as the Silvercross and it just didn’t look as cosy.

I think Mum and I were both sold on the Ventura Henley model which they didn’t have in that shop (although they could order it in for us) and in the window, they had the same offer on the model – a free car seat with the buggy, whether that comes with a 50% discount I don’t know.  And the Babies ‘R Us offer could end any day!!  Pressure!!

I think it’s going to definitely be the Silvercross.  It’s so exciting to think in about 22 weeks time there will be a baby to put in it!!


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