Cold Wet 5th November

I’ve had to walk home in the rain, so I went with my normal head down, into the rain, fast paced get home quick sort of walk.

Then I had to stop as I had some weird pain at the bottom of my bump going down into my pelvis.  It made me catch my breath and stoop!  I couldn’t stand up straight, and I then had to walk a bit hunched and a lot slower to get home.

It’s OK now though, I’m warm and dry and rested, but I looked up pains during pregnancy on google and wished that I hadn’t.  It’s probably me being very over dramatic, but as it’s all so new to me, every little gives me a worry!  Especially a weird pain like that which I’ve not felt before.  And pelvic related.  I guess I’ll mention to my midwife when next we meet, which is about another 6 weeks I think!  If it happens again I’ll call them. 

On a brighter note, I’m going buggy testing to Babies R Us tomorrow afternoon with Mum and Steve has said he’ll come too and play in Toys R Us until we have something for him to see.  I think that works for me!  That way, he won’t be in the way, but I’ll feel he can make a contribution of sorts.

Yay for baby shopping!  I’m sure I’ll do more than look though 😦

EDIT: I guess it felt better as I was sat down!  The effort of moving around the house after posting the above was unlike anything I’d ever felt before.  I hobbled around at my Guides meeting like an old lady, wishing I could have stayed at home with my feet up, feeling the aches in my pelvis and a ‘pull’ at my groin.

Was very glad to get to bed at 9.30 with the house to myself as Steve was at the cinema with Joe.  Izzy came up for a company although seems to have left me at some point once I was asleep!!

I’m sure rest will do wonders but if it’s like that by Monday again, I think I’ll be popping to my dr’s to enquire as it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.


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