Feeling Good Today!!!

Is this it?  Is my ‘bloom’ finally here?

I am cold free, and not feeling too tired and haggard today (where’s a camera when you need one?!)

My spots are clearing up and I’m not feeling too greasy.

My bump feels firm and proper ‘bump like’ and to top it all off……

This morning was my belated 16 week check at 17 weeks!!  (due to afore mentioned canal holiday!)

Well, I got Hubby to put his meeting back so that he could attend with me, (he’d not yet met the midwife, Tracy) and off we went for 9.00am.  I’d not got a urine sample so was holding onto my bladder to do it once we got there, but in feeling rushed remembered my folder of notes, but forgot my paper cup.

I’m not good at urine samples, so normally, take a cup to pee in (excuse the graphicness of this!) and then transfer it to the sample tube (who honestly is good as getting it in the tube?!) but this morning made a mess and thought never mind!  It was funny handing over still warm though!!  They appreciated the freshness I think!!

Anyway, all results were good, I’m practically bursting with iron which is good as I was terrible at remembering the folic acid tablets but I do eat healthily and commented that I do eat a lot of greens and veg at which they chuckled (!), my blood is O + which is the common one, and everything else was A-OK!!

My blood pressure had to be done three times as a student midwife was there learning and I didn’t realise (never having taken someone else in with me) that talking affected it, so was chattering to Hubby and disturbing the result.  I find it weird, not really sure I like it as it’s too close to my veins (see the post on the blood tests 😦 ) but then came the exciting bit.

Onto the bed to hear the heart beat.  The Midwife said that at this point the baby has lots of room so could be floating around so not to worry if we don’t hear it straight away, but the moment she put the thingy on my tummy, there it was.  Loud and proud!  Smack bang in the middle!!

She moved it about a bit and then we heard the placenta pulse!  I never knew this was something to listen to, and never even thought about a placenta pulsing (bit gross really!!) but it was interesting to hear the two distinctive sounds.

The baby went – bu bu bu bum bu bu bu bum bu bu bu bum quite fast, and the the placenta went – voosh voosh voosh voosh.  I guess this will mean more to me at the moment than anyone else, but if you’ve heard it hopefully you’ll get the gist!

And with having a student midwife there, it was like having two for the price of one, because she got to have a go too, so I heard everything twice over.  With my sister being a nurse and having done similar shadowing, I felt very supportive of letting the student have a go too for training.  In fact when I had my 13 week scan there was a trainee present then too!

Then it was off to work, dropping Izzy off at Mum’s for the day as Hubby is out till late working again, and then I strolled up the hill to the office in the sunshine feeling very very pleased with things!!


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