On a barge, not sure this’ll work!!

Well, I managed to get a title on here, but not an actual post, so now I’m cosy at home again today catching up with Strictly Come Dancing with Izzy next to me, and able to update.

Pretty much last week was a week’s holiday with Hubby’s family on a canal barge!  I was a bit cautious about carrying stuff and worried about slipping about off the boat, but everything went ok and we had a nice week away.

The only downside was sleeping, which was the fault of the pregnancy more than anything really, still very tired and my hips are still hurting.  As a result I managed to get Hubby to bring an extra duvet out to lie on which helped, but he was extra tired too as I tossed and turned a lot in the night!  It didn’t help having an Izzy dog on our feet either!!  But I was able to nap in the morning and afternoon if needed so it was quite relaxing.

I also think I’ve felt the baby quicken!  It was most strange, and certainly something you could put down to wind, but it’s been two days now, and in different places, so I’m guessing that it’s kicking about and it really feels like a little flutter in there!!  Most strange but fascinating at the same time.


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