Pain in the …..

I don’t like to worry.  I really don’t, but when  you wake up with a pain in your middle, it makes you wonder and worry about all manner of things.

It may not even be baby related, I could have had indigestion,  or whatever, but because it’s centred around my middle, I instantly think, ooh, what did I do?

‘Did I carry something too heavy, I should not have carried that shopping bag’, ‘I think I drank a little milk that had turned because I couldn’t smell it due to the cold’, ‘was it the fact I ate some chilli crispy beef from the Chinese for tea’?

Am I being a bad mother even before baby gets here?  Am I not taking enough care of myself?

But I have got some pains going round me, I think they’re too high up to  be baby related, but wowser, I’ll have to just go and browse the baby forums to see what it could be today I guess.  If I’m still worried, I’ll be going to the doctors to enquire.  I’m sure it’s nothing.  Nothing has actually happened to make me suspect otherwise.  I just feel all safe and secure for about a week after a scan, then stress for the remainder of the time until the next appointment which is two weeks on Wednesday.  Ages in fact 😦


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