What Is In A Name?

A lot apparently.  There’s less than six months to go and we’ve not really thought too much about it.

I know what I’d like and I think they’re lovely names for a boy or girl, but Hubby although he likes the girl’s name is not liking my boy’s name idea.

There’s a lot of pressure on getting it right, not causing bullying, funny initials etc….

And not to mention once you’ve got a name, hoping someone else doesn’t ‘bag’ it first!  Cousin N has already told me her name ideas so I’m safe there, but my Cousin J is having a baby after Christmas so I’m hoping she doesn’t go down my name road.  I’d be gutted.

It’s hard as well with me wanting to keep the names a secret.  Hubby has already told his parents, which he told my parents, so we then told them our ideas, but as they’re only ideas at this stage I guess it’s ok.


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