14 Weeks!!

How far along: 14 weeks

Total Weight Gained: I wish I knew!  Forgot to weigh myself.  Again.  😦

Maternity Clothes: Some, but I can get away with larger regular items.  Just wish it weren’t so chilly at the moment.  Friends and sister have lent me their’s but they had summer pregnancies, so there’s not really anything thick and woolly and warm!!

Stretch Marks: None as yet.  Little tummy itches though.

Sleep: Not too bad.  Its getting better, although I seem to wake at 2.00am needing to wee, and then I fall back asleep and wake at 4.00am absolutley busting!  I actually worried about wetting the bed the other night!!  I didn’t mind!

Best Moment of the Week:I really feel that I have a genuine bit of a bump now, and it’s not just fat.  Of course when dressed it could be fat, but I wore a wrap cardigan and Steve saw me and commented on the baby bump and felt it.  I think it’s there!

Movement: Nothing concrete as yet.

Food Cravings: Nothing new.  A guy from work keeps asking if I fancy coal and anchovies yet.  No David, the answer is no.  Many times no.  Ooh, except I am drinking a lot of milk this week.
Gender: No idea yet. Most friends and family are betting on a girl though.

Belly Button: Still in there.

What I miss: Being able to roll over easily in bed without twinging.

What I’m looking forward to: Feeling some movement soon I hope.

Milestones:  We’ve made it to the second trimester.  Hurrah.


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