And no, not me. At least not yet. I was rather horrified to read on a baby forum, a women 15 and 1/2 weeks pregnant had experienced leaking nipples with ‘a watery juice’ coming out and she was querying whether this was normal or not.

Eeeek. I asked Zoe, who works in the next office about it, and she said that didn’t happen with her first baby until 30 weeks, and not at all with her second, although then on recollection, she did say she had all sorts of milky accidents where one time she was preparing to breast feed Ella, and she realised Ella was covered in milk, all over her face and it took a moment for her to realise the milk was pouring out of her! As in proper squirting out into the face of her baby!!
Another time she said that she was doing a nappy and felt that her feet were wet, and wasn’t sure why, until she realised both breasts were projectile squirting milk downwards.

She was laughing about it, saying she’d forgotten that until now, and I was laughing too as it seemed so very extreme, but in all seriousness, ‘seriously’? Boobs with no control? That sounds terrible 😦 She’s advised I get some breast pads in case it starts with me soon. Moooo.


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