Well Travelled Foetus

It’s ironic that travelling is what’s making me feel nauseous at the moment and I’ve had to do an awful lot these past few weeks. Down to Devon twice, up to Leeds, to Oman and back! This is a well travelled little foetus. But I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend putting my feet up and doing some housework as that has been sorely neglected and it’s not good enough.

I’ve told folk at work now that I’m expecting, and they’re all majorly chuffed and hold doors open and carry boxes for me! It’s quite nice really. I’m getting lots of advice of folk and some reckon 12 weeks is when you feel better and others say 14 weeks. I have to say, I’m not feeling too bad at the moment in myself, I’ve just got a stinking cold and cough and it’s even come on before Fresher’s week! So goodness knows whether I’ll be immune to more diseases or if my system is compromised by the foetus sucking all my nutrients away from me and leaving me exposed to the perils of students coming together. Urgh.

On a brighter note, Hubby and I have agreed on two girls names we like. Still working on the boys, and I know what I like and he’s said he doesn’t, but I’ll probably get my way. Hmm. Ponder ponder. I think we’ll keep them as a surprise though. Or maybe reveal them once we know the sex of the baby.


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