11 Weeks Today

I guess the title says it all really!!!

Baby is 11 weeks old today and still a little dot.

Feeling a bit rough with a cough and wheezy chest, probably my bronchitis again knowing me.  We’ve been down in Devon for the wedding of Hubby’s brother N and L and we were staying in FIL and MIL’s caravan which was near the reception venue.  Very cosy, but mighty chilly at nights.

My sister’s blue dress was a tight fit but I would have worn it I think had I not ripped it!  Eek, caught it on a sharp shelf so luckily had the spare turquoise one from last week with me which covers the bump better.  If it is a bump.

Felt most tired by 9.00pm and Hubby dropped me off to get an early night before heading back to perform more best man duties.  Travelling  has made me feel more sick than normal, and being on my feet a lot of the day has really worn me out.  Baby is sapping my energy!!


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