The First Pictures

Here’s the pictures from our scan today! This one is the clearest and you can see it waving an arm at us. I’m glad it has an arm.

This one’s a bit more blurry…
And this one even more so!
But still, we have dates! I am approximatley 10 weeks and 4 days, and the due date they’ve given me is April 10th 2011. An Easter baby will be lovely, right at the start of Spring. Hubby liked being there, even if he kept looking at all the pictures of breast feeding mothers and admiring the monitor used to show the scan rather than the baby on the scan!It has made it feel more real. And the best bit is I didn’t have to give blood today, I have to go back on the 7th October for another scan and blood tests then. And counting backwards, I reckon conception could have been Hubyb’s birthday and I am looking forward to telling him that! Ha ha!!

Ooh, and even more ironic is the fact cousins S and N have also been for a scan today and their due date is April 11th! They’ve posted it on Facebook already. I’m going to wait for an email to go round the family I think and let friends at work know first.

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