Dawn Porter

Hubby and I enjoy these programs, she’s quite a funny reporter looking into funny things, so I was pleased to turn on the TV and find a show on her getting a baby! She seems to be one of these women who can’t imagine having a baby due to the effects it has on your body and said how you ask a woman about the birth afterwards and they all get hazy about it. So she decided she wanted to see one for herself!

I was intrigued, and made Hubby watch it with me (he didn’t make it through the whole thing) but I really felt it was helpful. There is a lot of mysterious stuff that you don’t know to expect. I didn’t realise about the nausea and tiredness to start with for the first three months. And it only seems to get worse as you go along! One women interviewed had seriously terrible piles and was just bleeding into the toilet when she went 😦 (piles are one of my worst nightmares). Another couple said that everything ‘down there’ got stretched’ and you could see it was bigger afterwards (that may have been when Hubby left!) and these are things that have worried me.

Anyway, she found a women willing to be filmed for the birth and we had all the run up to the labour and then Dawn missed it! She was out of the country although the camera man was in there and my oh my, the very animalistic noises were unlike anything. There was a lot of screaming. I find myself wondering if this is a modern thing? In the olden days I doubt that women would have felt they could yell as much as they wanted to, but I wonder if we’ve gone a bit soft these days? I guess I’ll find out at some point. Will I be a screaming, yelling, desperate for pain relief woman or be calm and natural?! And how will Steve cope at all if he can’t watch a TV show of a baby coming out?!

One of the blogs I follow – Heather Drive has just described in lovely detail the birth of her baby! It’s quite detailed which I like, and hers was completely natural (not completely by choice) but reading these sorts of things make me feel more positive! And take a look at the little baby girl, Nora. She’s adorable. Maybe it’s all worth it and going to be ok.


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