Well, not much to report as of yet. Just plodding on, feel queasy, full, doing little burps all the time and very tired. Sleeping through the night seems a thing of the past as I’m getting up to wee around 2am every morning.

Oh, and Hubby has begun his time lapse of my tummy. I feel as though I’ve put weight on there and it’s not as trim as it was, but if we’re going on the 8 weeks scenario, I shouldn’t be showing yet, but maybe it is just fat! Or water retention. Amy thought I had a ‘mass’ there! If all’s going to plan then my uterus is forming and pushing my internal organs upwards which is not a pleasant thought at all.

Just wishing the midwife would call now to acknowledge my existence!

People we’ve told:

My parents
My sisters
Hubby’s parents
Hubby’s brothers and SIL
Hubby’s Kent Grandparents
Carly and Steve
Anna and Rohan
Office chums.

And that’ll do for now until the scan is done.


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