To The Doctors!!

So this morning I took Izzy over to the parents to drop her off for the day as I was busy at work and Hubby was filming until the wee hours and I was hovering around, wondering whether to say something or not. They were both together and I thought it best to say something, so sort of pulled the sticks out of my bag to show them!

They were both terribly thrilled and Mum said she’d take me to the doctors as hubby was busy and I burst into tears feeling all emotional and queasy, (seriously, this queasiness is blah) and I headed off to work. They were actually very supportive and said they’d buy us the buggy and paint the spare room and sort the garden out for us and my sister has said she’ll give us a cot.

I managed to swap my invigilation for a morning one and nipped back at lunchtime to see the dogs who were quite settled and chat to mum who’d made me a sandwich, and at 4pm Mum collected me from work and off to the doctors we went.

I showed him the sticks and he said that was confirmation enough and booked me into meet a midwife. I said I had no idea of any dates at all so he hazarded a guess at eight weeks which would be an April birth although he did say I should get a scan as soon as possible to check.

With having had the negative test at some point late June or early July I’m pretty sure this baby must have been conceived in July, before Oman as I had cramps over there which could mean a May baby. I could be about 6 weeks I guess.

So now I have to wait to hear from the midwife and she’ll come to the home to meet us and talk to us. I’ll need a tidy day for that! We still have to tell F-I-L and M-I-L too. Hubby didn’t want me to do it without him so it’ll be tomorrow, I hope they don’t mind.

I’ve also told my sisters who are both flabbergasted and can’t believe I wasn’t even trying. They’re very excited though. I think I’m holding onto the excitement until the scan as I’m aware of the risks until that point. And Mum and Dad have to keep a secret for four weeks which I’m not sure they can do!!

So there we have it. All systems are go.


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